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Patent Pool for 3G Long Term Evolution (LTE)

SISVEL Announces Development of a Joint Patent Licensing Program and Issues a Call for Patents Essential for LTE


Following talks with the stakeholders in the LTE field worldwide that began last year and culminated in April 2009 in a presentation on the benefits of an LTE patent pool delivered to the IPR Plenary Assembly of the Next Generation Mobile Network Alliance (founded by the leading mobile network operators and supported by more than 50 key industry players, including major operators, manufacturers, and vendors), today SISVEL issued a call for patents and patent applications that are essential to the LTE standard.

SISVEL’s call is intended to lead to the creation of a joint licensing program to make LTE technology accessible to all users on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms and conditions. Sisvel has significant experience arranging joint licensing programs in the field of mobile telecommunications technology, including programs based on the CDMA2000 and DVB-H standards.

All parties holding a patent or patent application that they believe to be essential for LTE are invited to apply for a review of essentiality by an independent evaluator designated by Sisvel. All parties with a successful evaluation of essentiality will then be invited to join the process to create the licensing program. Applications for patent evaluations are requested to be filed as soon as possible and detailed

information on patent submission procedures can be obtained from SISVEL by sending an email to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In issuing the call for patents, Gian Antonio Pancot, Chief Executive Officer of SISVEL, noted: “Sisvel is ready to offer its global presence and experience in facilitating patent pools in the mobile communications industry to help create an LTE joint patent licensing program and, thanks to Sisvel’s clear independence, we are confident that we can equitably represent the interests of all sides in this process,” adding “this innovative technology has tremendous potential for the mobile industry and we will work with patent holders to establish licensing terms and conditions as soon as possible to provide certainty and predictability to all users and potential users, as well as the applicable regulatory bodies.”


About LTE
LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the evolution of 3GPP standards for land mobile communications. It will provide higher transmission rates and enhanced user experience, primarily with high speed data services. LTE is defined and published by 3GPP in its Release 8 Specification set.


List of Relevant LTE Specifications [PDF file]