In today’s overall competitive landscape, R&D activities are becoming more complex and extremely expensive, and many companies face challenges to secure funding to support these activities.

Through IP licensing, Sisvel provides firms with a new revenue stream that can be reinvested, ensuring the technology ecosystem has a continuous flow of capital to support innovation through R&D activities. This business model is equally applicable to large or small businesses, public or private, as well as educational and research institutions.

Sisvel has maintained the highest level of technical expertise, especially in the field of electronics and telecommunications, gathering its resources in Sisvel Technology, the Group’s subsidiary dedicated to providing technical support on IP matters and new business activities, while also serving as the R&D branch of the Sisvel Group. With its dedicated team of engineers and patent attorneys with advanced degrees in fields such as telecommunications, computer science and electrical engineering, Sisvel is able to provide its licensing officers with unmatched technical guidance during licensing negotiations.

Sisvel Technology offers state of the art patent landscaping and search, infringement assessment and testing as well as new business support services to the Sisvel group. Moreover, since its foundation, Sisvel Technology collaborates with entities in both the public and private sectors, in particular with research centres, to implement R&D programs and to produce innovative technical solutions leading to commercially valuable technologies.

Sisvel Technology

The R&D activities of Sisvel Technology are focused on the following technological areas
Sisvel Technologies - R&D activities of Sisvel Technology

Next Generation Video Coding Technologies

Sisvel Technologies - Next generation video coding

Stereo & Multiview Video

Sisvel Technologies - Stereo and Multiview Video

Visual Interaction Technologies

Sisvel Technologies - Visual interaction Technologies

Internet of Things

Sisvel Technologies - Internet of things

Indoor Localization

Sisvel Technologies - Indoor Localization

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Innovation and technology are fundamental drivers of the world economy and intellectual property is a vital tool to protect and foster this ecosystem. By supporting innovation, we create incentives for R&D, providing firms with a new revenue stream for further economic development.

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