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2022 LES International Annual Conference

Venice, 8-10 May 2022

Sisvel will attend the forthcoming 2022 LES International Annual Conference in Venice.

Mattia Fogliacco, President of the Sisvel Group, will moderate the panel “Aggregation is the new black” where distinguished speakers, including Heath Hoglund, President at Via Licensing, Sophie Pasquier, Principal Intellectual Property & Licensing Counsel at Philips, Marianne Frydenlund, Senior Vice President Legal & Compliance at Nordic Semiconductor, Giovanni Galimberti, Partner at Bird&Bird, and Tilman Müller-Stoy, Partner at Bardehle Pagenberg, will discuss how patent pool and other tools could remove friction from licensing transactions.

In particular, this international panel of licensing experts from leading companies will:

  • ·         Present the current patent litigation scenario
  • ·         Describe the increasing interest in patent aggregation as a tool to remove friction from licensing transactions
  • ·         Illustrate how, in the 5G and IoT era, different industries converge and interoperability between devices and infrastructures is key
  • ·         Discuss how standardization is fundamental to allow interoperability, but often results in a complex licensing landscape
  • Consider what happens if the market doesn’t accept aggregation or if aggregation is used as an excuse to hold-out

The panel is scheduled on May 9th at noon.

Additional information about the panel and the conference are available at the following link:

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