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LES 2023 International Annual Conference

Montréal, Canada (30 April -2 May 2023)

The final in-person session of the SEP track of the Thought Leadership Program will take place at the LESI 2023 Conference in Montréal (30 April - 2 May, 2023).

The panel entitled “The future of patent pools” will provide the key take-aways from our year-long discussions.

Confirmed speakers are: 
  • Mattia Fogliacco, President, Sisvel (moderator)
  • Pat Patnode, President, General Electric
  • Heath Hoglund, President, Via Licensing
  • Dan McCurdy, CEO, RPX
  • Fabian Gonell, Senior Vice President, Qualcomm
  • Sophie Pasquier, Principal IP and Licensing Counsel, Philips 

Join us in Montreal, Canada (30 April -2 May 2023) for an amazing conference experience!

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