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Sisvel Sponsor of IPBC Connect 2020

1-29 September 2020   

Mattia Fogliacco, President at Sisvel Group, and Roberto Dini, Founder of Sisvel, will be among the speakers of IPBC Connect 2020, a virtual event organized by IAM.

On September 24, 2020 at 15.35, Mattia Fogliacco will attend the Masterclass on Getting the deal through: IP transactions in a post-pandemic world. While IP leaders have transitioned remarkably smoothly to the ‘new normal’, the longer term outlook remains one of deep uncertainty. Traditionally, IP transactions have been heavily reliant on travel and the ability to make connections. This interactive masterclass will explore how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed things – temporarily and perhaps permanently, and will provide best practice tips on how to get deals done in the coronavirus world. Roberto Dini will instead attend the Open Discussion Forum on What is the future of FRAND? Significant FRAND-related court decisions in Europe, the US and China have been issued over the last year. Participants in this discussion will explore what has happened and how the landscape looks for both licensors and licensees.

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