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AIGO and Sisvel enters into a strategic cooperation

Beijing (China) and Turin (Italy), May, 3, 2007

Aigo has acquired a patent license for the use of the MPEG Audio technology from SISVEL S.p.A. and in doing so, has joined over 800 other companies that are licensed on those patents for MP3/MP4 players and other products using MPEG Audio compression technology.

As a leading consumer electronics brand in Asia and a leader in innovation and the development of new technology in the field of consumer electronics, Aigo also has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property.

Based on their good relationship, Aigo and Sisvel have also entered into a strategic cooperation, which provides for Sisvel to promote and license Aigo technology and patents worldwide. A signing ceremony of the agreements was held by Aigo and Sisvel at the Diao Yu Tai State Hotel (Beijing) on April 26th 2007. Chinese government officials from the National IPR Bureau, the Beijing Copyright Bureau, and the Beijing Patent Bureau witnessed the signing ceremony and gave their consent and encouragement.

During the ceremony Aigo’s President, Mr Feng Jun, explained that a strategic cooperation with Sisvel embodies the recognition of IPR and its global strategy both in China and around the world, and that Aigo, with more and more patents, will exhibit the strength of Chinese brands by promoting China’s own IPR on the international stage.

Mr Giustino de Sanctis, CEO of Audio MPEG, a subsidiary of Sisvel US, explained that it was the first time Sisvel has collaborated with a Chinese company in promoting Chinese IPR worldwide and that the signing of the agreement with Aigo must be viewed as a milestone for IPR cooperation between China and the rest of the world and the first step for Chinese IPR to go international. Sisvel also expressed its wish to collaborate with more Chinese entities which possess their own self-developed IPR, and to assist in promoting their technology. Mr. de Sanctis believes this cooperation has a great future.

In the meantime, Mr Deng Jun, director general of the National IPR Bureau Research Centre, and Madam Liu Dong Wei, vice director general of Beijing IPR Bureau declared that Aigo provides an excellent example of Chinese IPR strategic development. Both of them wished a successful future for the cooperation between Sisvel and Aigo. A number of the attendees to the ceremony also invited Sisvel to have more communication with them on IPR issues.

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