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Antitrust and Patent Law: Crossroads or Intersection?

March 2021

Last October during the 2020 LES USA&Canada Virtual Annual Meeting, Roberto Dini, Founder of Sisvel, together with Garrard R. Beeney, Partner at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Dina Kallay, Head of Antitrust at Ericsson, and John Paul, Partner at Finnegan joined the session on “Antitrust and Patent Law: Crossroad or Intersection?”.

The aim of the panel was to explain how the two set of laws should be considered complementary to encourage innovation, industry growth, and fair competition. On the March edition of LES Nouvelles, the quarterly journal of LES International, you can now read the article written by the panelists with the main takeaways of the discussion.


Read the full article (pdf)

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