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CDMA2000: SISVEL Announces Development of Patent License

Torino (Italy), November 06, 2007

Sisvel announced today that it is acting as the facilitator for the creation of a joint CDMA2000 patent license and is issuing a call for patents and other enforceable patent rights that are essential to the CDMA2000 standard.

SISVEL invites all parties that have a patent that they consider to be essential to the CDMA2000 standard, and that would like to join a patent portfolio license, to submit its patent(s) for an evaluation of essentiality by independent patent experts retained by Sisvel for possible inclusion in the joint patent license. Interested parties are invited to request information on the terms and procedures for patent submissions by sending an email to SISVEL at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Gianni Pancot, stated: “Sisvel is proud to be the facilitator for the creation of a joint CDMA2000 patent license.” He added: “We believe that with its 25 years of experience and a worldwide presence with operations on three continents, SISVEL is the ideal partner to make available to the market licenses for patents essential to this technology. Evaluation of the essentiality to the CDMA2000 standard of patents submitted by various parties continues and we hope that more parties will join in order to allow users of such patents to capture as much essential intellectual property as possible in a single license.”

Sisvel has discussed with parties holding essential CDMA2000 patents to advance the process of structuring a joint license to make essential CDMA2000 patents easily accessible to all users on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms. Several meetings will be held in the coming months to reach consensus on licensing terms with the objective of reaching an agreement by the beginning of 2008, and upon successful evaluation, all parties holding essential patents will be invited to join the process.

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