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Sisvel announces the administration of the DVB-T licensing program

Torino (Italy), August 29, 2008

Sisvel S.p.A. and MPEG LA, LLC announce that as of August 26th, 2008 the administration of the DVB-T licensing program, including the administration of all DVB-T Patent Portfolio License previously executed by MPEG LA and licensees, has been transferred from MPEG LA to SISVEL.

The DVB-T patent pool offers a fair, reasonable, nondiscriminatory access to patents owned by Orange (formerly France Telecom), Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) that have been determined to be essential for implementing DVB-T, the terrestrial digital television broadcast standard (European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (“ETSI”) document ETS300744).

Effective August 26th, 2008, licenses under those DVB-T essential patents will be available from SISVEL as an alternative to negotiate separate licenses with the individual patent owners. Existing licensees will receive further communications from MPEG LA regarding the details of the transfer. All inquiries related to licenses under the DVB-T essential patents can be directed to Sisvel and information regarding the DVB-T program can be found on Sisvel’s web-site at

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