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Sisvel Becomes an IP Europe Alliance Partner

Luxembourg, March 29, 2016

Sisvel International has joined the IP Europe Alliance, a group that brings together R&D intensive European companies, small and medium enterprises and research institutes committed to innovation.

The main goal of the Alliance is to maintain strong patent protection and rewards for innovators, while supporting open, fair and non-discriminatory standardisation policies that foster R&D efforts by all stakeholders, including small and medium enterprises, individual inventors, universities and research centers.

“Joining the IP Europe Alliance confirms the Group’s commitment to realize the value of IP and to secure an even more effective and affordable patent system, where SMEs, together with investors and venture capitalists supporting them, could rely on strong patent rights”, explained Karel van Lelyveld, CEO of the Sisvel Group.

Matteo Sabattini, CTO of the Sisvel Group, added “We are pleased to be part of this important association. It’s crucial to support European innovators in investing in innovative and attractive sectors such as 5G, IoT, smart energy and transportation, industry 4.0”.

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