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Sisvel Gains Momentum for Creating the LTE/SAE Patent Pool with Expansive Group of Patent Holders

Stuttgart (Germany), February 11, 2010

Following Sisvel’s LTE/SAE facilitation meeting last week in Frankfurt, Sisvel announced today that the participating holders of essential LTE/SAE patents are making significant progress toward establishing the framework for a broad-based patent pool, and invited all others interested in contributing to this process to join before the group’s next meeting in Hong Kong on April 21-22.

The Frankfurt meeting, which brought together the largest and most diverse group of stakeholders interested in forming an LTE/SAE patent pool to date, gave participants an opportunity to exchange ideas about the best ways to structure a pool to foster further participation and maximize the pool’s benefits for the overall LTE ecosystem. “At this first meeting, Sisvel outlined a number of creative proposals that it had developed following discussions with many key players in LTE,” indicated Giustino de Sanctis, Managing Director of Sisvel Germany, “and we are now refining those proposals further based on the feedback from this diverse group.”

Sisvel’s LTE/SAE facilitation process now includes 23 participants covering the full spectrum of the telecommunications and electronics industries from 11 countries and three different continents. Participants include major device makers, network operators, chip and consumer electronics manufacturers, and research institutes. “There is a widespread understanding that the IP landscape in LTE/SAE is different from previous generations of telecommunications standards,” Mr. de Sanctis noted, “and Sisvel is uniquely well-positioned to create a successful LTE/SAE pool.”

“Sisvel is the only truly independent major licensing administrator, and will devote its worldwide licensing team and in-house technical staff to the success of the LTE/SAE patent pool,” Mr. de Sanctis explained. “Especially at this early stage with different technologies competing, having an administrator that can fully commit to promoting LTE from both a licensing and commercial perspective will benefit all LTE users and could be critical for the success of the LTE technology.”

Sisvel encourages all stakeholders to be part of this dynamic group and join the discussions on forming the best possible LTE/SAE patent pool. Detailed information on patent submission, as well as other procedures for participating in the facilitation process, can be obtained from Sisvel by sending an email to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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