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Sisvel Technology Srl. founded to sustain innovation

Torino (Italy), August 27, 2008

Sisvel, one of the world’s leaders in managing intellectual property and maximizing the value of patent rights, has improved its patent licensing and management capabilities by creating Sisvel Technology Srl. Sisvel established this company to strengthen existing relationships and create new partnerships with well-respected public and private research centers. Sisvel will work with these centers to implement research and development programs that generate new inventions or to produce technical solutions related to commercially valuable patents and technologies.

Sisvel Technology promotes the growth of the Group by allowing the companies within the Group to lend their experience and know how in the areas of intellectual property evaluation and market analysis to patent licensors, research centers, or developers committed to fostering working relationships with world-class Electronics research centers. Sisvel Technology will also assist Sisvel’s business units by performing laboratory tests on products whenever it becomes necessary, for example to prove instances of patent infringement.

Sisvel Technology’s goals are to (1) co-operate with research centers to promote and guide innovation and assist with the development of IP with real market value potential; (2) prepare technical and market reports on the potential of innovations and intellectual property; (3) provide technical assistance during Sisvel’s negotiations by providing evidence of patent use by prospective licensees.

Sisvel declared that the founding of Sisvel Technology marks the beginning of a new era in the Group’s consolidated business strategy. According to Mr. Paolo D’Amato, the Managing Director of Sisvel Technology, “Sisvel expects substantive growth in the licensing market, due in part to new companies in the Far East growing respect for IP regulations; this represents an attractive opportunity for Sisvel”. Mr. D’Amato continues: “Since Sisvel Technology improves Sisvel’s internal capabilities as well as the services it can offer to its clients, we expect to become stronger by offering integrated an innovative solutions that will be useful in meeting the current trend of increasing IP valuation requests. We also expect to experience more benefits as a result of the commitment of our company in the area of research and development. We are convinced that these efforts will lead to the creation of new IP with significant market potential.”

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