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Sisvel US becomes a member of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

Alexandria, VA (USA), March 3, 2011

Sisvel US, a subsidiary of the Sisvel Group, has been accepted as a member of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), a leading standard setting organization and trade association representing the information and communications technology industry.

Sisvel US believes that broad access and promotion of intellectual property rights has been, and will continue to be, a key factor in the success and wide deployment of standardized technologies. In this competitive environment, Sisvel supports and fosters the growth of the technology industry by operating as a bridge between manufacturers that require access to key technology and patent owners that wish to license their portfolios to finance further research. Among its activities, Sisvel facilitates manufacturers’ access to patented technologies, help companies promote and license their inventions, and simplifies access to intellectual property relating to international standards.

“Joining TIA is a unique opportunity for Sisvel US – said Gen. Richard Neal, President of Sisvel US - in line with our company’s strong commitment to the worldwide standardization process of telecommunication technologies, and provides an important contribution to the promotion of IPR and FRAND licensing opportunities. Sisvel US will participate on different committees and working groups in several areas and will work in close contact with TIA Members to develop a more predictable and sustainable IP licensing environment. ”

About Sisvel US

Sisvel US is the North American subsidiary of the Sisvel Group, and it is responsible for licensing and business development in the US and North America in general, while supporting the Sisvel Group in a number of international activities.

Started in 1982 when Sisvel S. p.A. was founded in Italy, the Sisvel Group has become a world leader in managing intellectual property and maximizing the value of patent rights. The Sisvel Group is global in scope and reach, with companies in Italy (Sisvel in None Torinese and Edico in Rome), Luxembourg (Sisvel International), the United States (Sisvel US and Audio MPEG in Metropolitan Washington, DC), China (Sisvel Hong Kong), Japan (Sisvel Japan in Tokyo), and Germany (Sisvel Germany in Stuttgart), and with almost one hundred professionals worldwide with technical, legal, and licensing expertise.

Sisvel has a long history of managing successful patent portfolios including those related to the audio compression standards known as MP3 and MPEG Audio. In addition, Sisvel administers patent pools for the CDMA2000 family of cellular telecommunications standards, the UHF-RFID air interface standard, and the DVB-T and DVB-T2 broadcast standard, and is currently facilitating the creation of an LTE and 802.11n patent pools. Through its subsidiary Sisvel Technology, Sisvel is also engaged in the development of new technologies, including projects for 3D television and broadcasting.

About TIA

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) represents the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry through standards development, advocacy, tradeshows, business opportunities, market intelligence and world-wide environmental regulatory analysis. Since 1924, TIA has been enhancing the business environment for broadband, mobile wireless, information technology, networks, cable, satellite and unified communications. Members’ products and services empower communications in every industry and market, including healthcare, education, security, public safety, transportation, government, the military, the environment and entertainment.

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