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The Sisvel Group Celebrates the 5th Anniversary Since the Founding of Sisvel Japan

Tokyo (Japan), April 20, 2012

Sisvel, a global leader in managing intellectual property and maximizing the value of patents, celebrated at the Italian Embassy in Japan the 5th anniversary of the founding of its subsidiary Sisvel Japan KK. Present at the celebration was His Excellency Vincenzo Petrone, Italian Ambassador to Japan and a large delegation from the Japanese consumer electronics industry.

Ambassador Petrone stressed the importance of the event when he said, "International cooperation aimed to enhance the protection of intellectual property rights is of great importance, particularly when considering the bilateral relations that exist between Italy and Japan; both, countries are fully committed to maximizing their technical and innovative expertise. In recent years, Sisvel has become the benchmark in this area in Japan."

At the event, Mr. Roberto Dini, founder of Sisvel, stated : "Intangible assets, such as patents, trademarks and copyrights, have become an essential tool in international competition. The role of Sisvel in maximizing the value of intellectual property rights has been significant as exemplified by the performance of both the Italian and Japanese industries. This is particularly important if we consider the increasing difficulties that the industrially advanced countries are facing when competing with emerging markets.

Mr. Giustino de Sanctis, CEO of Sisvel International, added: "Japanese companies have always been very sensitive to protecting their inventions. They own patent portfolios which are among the largest in the world. Sisvel Japan’s goal is to assist these Japanese companies maximize the value of their patent portfolios."

Hideyuki Ogata, Managing Director of Sisvel Japan K.K. also stressed: “Although many Japanese companies own many patents around the world, they have not taken the opportunity to fully capitalize these valuable assets. Sisvel Japan stands ready and is committed to assisting these companies increase the value of their patents and to make the so-called inventive cycle more efficient and effective.”

In closing the reception, Mr. Teruaki Aoki, President of Sony University added: “Recently, many new products and systems incorporate a wide array of technologies developed by a number of companies. Licensors who own the IP behind such technologies as well as licensees who wish to build their business around such technologies cannot proceed by themselves under the present circumstances without professional assistance. To promote new industries and new markets as smoothly and quickly as possible, it is critical to have a partner like the Sisvel Group. They have proven time and again that they can engage both licensors and licensees around the globe. We wish the Sisvel Group continued growth and success.”

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