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The Sisvel Group unveils today its restyled corporate website

Luxembourg, November 21, 2016

Sisvel, a world leader in fostering innovation and managing intellectual property, has unveiled today a restyled version of its corporate website. Built in Responsive Design, the new website will allow easier navigation from any kind of device, including smartphones and tablets.

“The responsive design is not the only new feature of our website,” stated Giulia Dini, Communications Manager at the Sisvel Group, “it now has a fresher, more modern look. Its content has been updated to highlight the over 30 years of experience in IP licensing and technical, legal and licensing skills of its people, which have made Sisvel one of the most significant players in this sector”.

The “Porcupine girl” on the homepage has been since 2006 the symbol of the Sisvel Group, she is protecting ideas through her quills, as Sisvel is doing through the IP management of its partners around the world, providing them with a revenue stream which can be reinvested in innovation for the generation of future revenues.

Together with the launch of its restyled website, Sisvel is adding a new licensing program in the area of digital video and display technology. The new program is related to recommendation engine technology, a class of interactive systems that involves predicting users’ response to different options. More information can be found on:

Sisvel’s website will be updated on a regular basis with news concerning Sisvel’s licensing programs, industry highlights and events. Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the Group’s current activities in field of IP.

Read the full press release (pdf)

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