IP Support

Sisvel Tech, our in-house team of engineers, supports all the firm’s areas of activity: licensing, legal and new business.

Its team - whose members all hold advanced degrees in fields such as telecommunications, computer science and electrical engineering - provides 360-degree IP services, including: evaluation of the coverage and scope of patent portfolios; validity assessments; and development of customised testing equipment to demonstrate patented technology infringement.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Sisvel Tech’s in-house patent attorneys and technical experts undertake deep analysis of patent portfolios in three key ways:


Technical assessments of the patents to identify opportunities and to provide patent essentiality evaluations through claim chart drafting


Evaluation of patents to identify those that are relevant to industry standards

Market contextualisation

Market contextualisation to identify key products underpinned by patents held by Sisvel, its partners and third parties

Patent portfolio valorisation

Sisvel Tech’s expert team also valorises portfolios by:

  • Highlighting opportunities relating to specific patents and identifying the most enforceable ones

  • Identifying patents that can be included in patent pools or other licensing programmes

  • Helping to establish new programmes

  • Exploring possible technology transfer strategies

  • Developing infringement tests

  • Assisting the licensing team in its negotiations

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