About the DVB-SIS

DVB-SIS, published in August 2018 as ETSI TS 103 615, allows for terrestrial retransmission of signals addressing DTH satellite receivers. SIS stands for Single Illumination System, referring to the fact that a single satellite beam can be used simultaneously for DTH and to feed terrestrial networks.

Since the standard has been designed in a generic way, the satellite/terrestrial use case is just one possibility; in the future other use cases using DVB-SIS might emerge; e.g., a cable/terrestrial combination. The common denominator for all use cases is the deployment of MPEG-2 Transport Streams.

The DVB-SIS concept is based on collecting content and metadata from one delivery path (e.g. satellite) for re-delivery via another path (e.g. terrestrial). The video content for both paths is assembled into a single Transport Stream at a so called Parent site and broadcast on the single network path; the video content for the other path is collected at so called Daughter sites.

Patent owners

The DVB-SIS patents licensed by Sisvel are owned by:

  • ENENSYS Technologies SA



Sisvel has the right to grant non-exclusive licences to the patents listed in the documentation provided via the below link.

The table in this document allows the interested parties to understand how the SEPs offered under the DVB-SIS standard are utilised by products complying to such standard and, to this end, indicates relevant standard, versions of the standard and sections of the standard, in relation to the DVB-SIS offer.

DVB-SIS Patent Technical Coverage

DVB-SIS Patent Call

Sisvel is organising this licensing programme to make DVB-SIS technology accessible to all users on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms and conditions.

Sisvel invites all parties that have patents or patent applications reading on the technology, and are interested in discussing the opportunity to participate in a DVB-SIS patent licensing programme, to contact Sisvel at DVB-SIS@sisvel.com.

Licence Terms

Sisvel offers a royalty-bearing, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-exclusive licence, with no right to grant sublicences, to patents essential to the DVB-SIS standard (adopted by ETSI as formally specified in the ETSI document TS 103 615).

The DVB-SIS Portfolio Licence Agreement offered by Sisvel covers any DVB-SIS Functionality implemented in a ready-to-use DVB-SIS Transmitter or Receiver sold to a final user.

The field of use under the DVB-SIS Listed Patents relating to broadcasting of TV video signals as such and the related services are excluded from the scope of the rights granted to Sisvel by the patent owners.

The DVB-SIS Portfolio Licence Agreement does not cover:

  • functionality that is not DVB-SIS; or

  • components or subcomponents of ready-to-use devices, such as integrated circuit chips, that may include a DVB-SIS transmitting or receiving functionality.

The DVB-SIS Portfolio licence has a non-refundable entrance fee of €1,000 and the royalty rates shall be based on the number of Transmitting Functionalities and Receiving Functionalities of Licensed Products as follows:


Royalty Rate for Functionality

DVB-SIS Transmitting Functionality


DVB-SIS Receiving Functionality


- €200 for each and every DVB-SIS Transmitting Functionality, i.e. E stream a DVB-SIS Transmitter is able to generate at sale or afterwards via a hardware and/or software application or upgrade.

- €20 for each and every DVB-SIS Receiving Functionality, i.e. L stream a DVB-SIS Receiver is able to receive at sale or afterwards via a hardware and/or software application or upgrade.

Royalty statements and payments for royalties accrued during each calendar quarter are due within one month after the end of that quarter.

Our standard DVB-SIS Patent Portfolio Licence Agreement can be found here.

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