Technology and innovation are fundamental drivers of the world economy. New technologies are constantly transforming society and improving lives.

Sisvel contributes to a healthy innovation ecosystem by empowering innovators and enabling manufacturers to offer their products in the marketplace with minimal disruption. We believe those who invest in R&D should be fairly rewarded for the IP it produces and incentivised to continue innovating.

Improving the innovation ecosystem to benefit society as a whole can only be done successfully with a deep understanding of technology and the markets it serves.

Through its fair and accessible IP licensing programmes, Sisvel creates incentives for R&D, leading to a self-sustaining cycle that helps to fund further innovation. We call this the Inventive loop.

Sisvel's mission

Power innovation

Power innovation and protect intellectual property rights.

Facilitate access to technologies

Facilitate access to innovative and patented technologies.

Value of innovation

Support the market in understanding the value of innovation.

Support a healthy ecosystem

Promote a level playing field and a healthy ecosystem for innovation and IP.

Innovative technical solutions

Produce innovative technical solutions that lead to new patents and commercially viable technologies.

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