LTE (Long Term Evolution) and LTE-A (LTE-Advanced) represent the fourth generation (in short 4G) of mobile communications developed through the 3GPP. This technology provided faster broadband data transmission with significantly reduced latency, allowing an improved user experience on more sophisticated mobile services.

Sisvel’s LTE/LTE-A patent pool offered manufacturers and users of 4G devices licences under patents essential to LTE/LTE-A and SAE (System Architecture Evolution) held by any of the participating patent owners, together with 4G essential patents originally filed by Nokia Corporation that Sisvel acquired in late 2011.

The LTE/LTE-A licensing programme is no longer active. However, Sisvel currently manages the 5GMM licensing programme, which includes SEPs that are essential for the use of cellular standards up to 5G in consumer electronics, including LTE/LTE-A active patents.

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