Sisvel has more than 40 years of patent licensing experience, with a focus on wireless communication, digital video technologies and audio and video coding. We support technology markets by designing licensing solutions that reduce friction and enable efficient transactions. 

We believe it is crucial not only to reward innovators and to incentivise them to continue innovating, but also to enable manufacturers to offer their products with minimal disruption. That is why our licensing programmes and patent pools are designed to balance the interests of innovators and implementers while encouraging rapid technology adoption.

We are committed to

Transparent processes

A simplified and transparent process of aggregation

High level of technical engagement

Continuous engagement of technical and patent experts in the formation and implementation of licensing programmes

FRAND practices

Fair and non-discriminatory practices that reflect the technological value of the patents we manage

Leveled playing field

Tailored enforcement mechanisms when necessary


Administrative tools that enhance efficiency and make the reporting and payment process easier

Adapt to market needs

Flexible business models designed to reflect the needs of the market

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