About DVB-CSA - Security Algorithm

Encryption is an essential part of a technology because it ensures the effective and secure authentication of users. A security algorithm is a mathematical procedure used to encrypt data. Information is encoded and requires the use of a software key to transform the data back into its original form.

As Custodian, Sisvel is responsible for the licensing of the DVB-CSA2 and DVB-CSA3 algorithms, and the distribution of the specifications for the Common Descrambling Systems and Scrambling Technologies which together make up each algorithm. Furthermore, other confidential information typically concerning IP rights may also be necessary.


Sisvel is the exclusive Custodian of the Confidential Information and has the right to license to third parties the use of IP rights reading on the Common Scrambling/Descrambling Algorithms (DVB-CSA2 and DVB-CSA3) owned or controlled by:

  • Irdeto

  • Nagravision *

  • Synamedia

  • Viaccess-Orca

* For DVB-CSA3 only.

DVB CSA Licensing Terms

The DVB CSA2 and CSA3 Descrambling System will be licensed to manufacturers of decoders and their components, and to providers, designers and other entities engaged in conditional access. The DVB CSA2 and CSA3 Scrambling Technology will be licensed to manufacturers of scramblers, who will in turn sublicense to the purchasers of scramblers. The royalties due for a licence under the DVB-CSA2 or DVB-CSA3 algorithms are as follows:

Common Scrambling Algorithm (CSA)

Initial royalty on signature

Royalty rate per CSA Scrambler unit on annual basis

DVB-CSA2 Descrambling System

2,000 € (Euros)


DVB-CSA2 Scrambling Technology

2,000 € (Euros)

32.00 € (Euros)

DVB-CSA3 Descrambling System

2,000 € (Euros)


DVB-CSA3 Scrambling Technology

2,000 € (Euros)

32.00 € (Euros)

On or before March 31 of each year, the royalty of 32 € (thirty-two Euros) for each CSA Scrambler unit sold during the previous calendar year is due. Furthermore, a non-refundable administrative charge of 2,600 € (Euros) is due on signature of the agreement.

To obtain a license, please fill in a DVB-CSA License Application Form and send it to us.

To receive the confidential information, you also have to sign and submit, as appropriate:

  • the DVB Common Descrambling System Licence and Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • the DVB Scrambling Technology Licence and Non-Disclosure Agreement

(The above agreements will be delivered after approval of the application)

In order to receive the confidential information you have to sign the appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreement above.

The conditions

The conditions for licensing the DVB CSA2 algorithm include details of charges and how to pay. For further information, please contact us at: dvbcsa@sisvel.com

List of Licensees

A list of licensees of the DVB CSA Common Scrambling/Descrambling Algorithm is available for consultation, click here:



For further information, please contact us at: dvbcsa@sisvel.com

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