About 5G Multimode: Sisvel's 5G patent programme

Sisvel’s 5G Multimode (5G MM) programme offers a single solution to license standard essential patents (SEPs) that are essential for the use of cellular standards up to 5G in consumer electronics. The licence offer includes the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G SEPs owned by Sisvel and our participating partners – a group of innovators that helped pave the way for the connected world we all enjoy today. It is a Sisvel core mission to get the return these innovators deserve, so that they can continue inventing new technologies for the benefit of everyone.

With the 5G license (5G MM programme), Sisvel offers an efficient and transparent way for implementers to access the relevant SEPs of the participating patent owners under fair and reasonable terms.

Patent Owners

Sisvel’s 5G MM programme offers a licence to the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G standard essential patent (SEPs) held by:

  • Alfred Consulting LLC

  • Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd. [i]

  • JVCKENWOOD Corporation

  • KDDI Corporation

  • Koninklijke KPN N.V.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation [ii]

  • Siemens Aktiengesellschaft [iii]

  • Sisvel International S.A.

  • SK Telecom Co., Ltd.

  • Technology in Ariscale, LLC

  • Telefónica S.A.

  • TIM S.p.A.

  • Unisoc (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd

  • Wilus Inc.

  • Wireless Innovations, LLC

[i] excluding patents held by Wireless Alliance LLC.

[ii] excluding patents held by NTT DOCOMO Inc. and the entities directly or indirectly controlled by NTT DOCOMO Inc.

[iii] excluding patents held by Siemens Healthineers AG and the entities directly or indirectly controlled by Siemens Healthineers AG.


Sisvel has the right to grant non-exclusive licences under all cellular standard essential patents owned or controlled by the participating patent owners. Under the 5G MM programme, the following standards are included under the definition of 3G Standard, 4G Standard and 5G Standard.

Cellular Standards

Included standards




LTE, LTE-Advance, TD-LTE, LTE-Advanced Pro, LTE-SAE


5G (New Radio)

The patent brochure lists the patent families offered under the 5G MM programme that have been subject to a process of independent essentiality evaluation. The brochure also indicates the relevant cellular standard(s), version, section(s) and table(s) of such standard(s) allowing interested parties to understand the way the patents are used by products implementing such cited parts of the standard(s). The patent brochure is updated on a regular basis as new patents continue being submitted for essentiality evaluation. 

Licence Terms

The royalty rates of Sisvel’s 5G MM programme are on a per-unit basis.

5G Multimode Device

4G Multimode Device

3G Multimode Device

USD 0.50

USD 0.42

USD 0.25

The complete terms and conditions of our running royalty offering can be found under the following link:


In addition, under the 5G MM programme, Sisvel is available to discuss the specific circumstances of licensees that wish to license relevant products under specific lump sum terms.

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