About Wilus Cellular Portfolio

Wilus is an R&D company, based in South Korea, that conducts research work aimed at developing next-generation wireless and multimedia standards, including mobile, Wi-Fi and audio/video codec standards. It has played a key role in 3GPP cellular standardisation for LTE-Advanced, 5G NR and 5G NR-advanced, investing significant resources and submitting numerous technical contributions, many of which have been adopted in the 3GPP standards. 

Wilus has been an active participant in the 3GPP standardisation process since 2015, contributing its innovations to multiple generations of cellular standards. The Wilus cellular portfolio covering these innovations comprises more than 600 individual patent assets and counting. 

Wilus contribution

Sisvel serves as the access point for Wilus’s valuable portfolio of standard essential patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (“FRAND”) terms. 

As the licensing manager of the Wilus cellular portfolio, we ensure that the fruits of Wilus’s research and development are recognised and compensated appropriately. This enables Wilus to continue to further invest in the creation of new technologies for the connected world we all enjoy today.  


Sisvel has the right to grant non-exclusive licences to all cellular standard essential patents owned by Wilus. A full overview of the Wilus cellular portfolio can be found here

The Patent Brochure includes a table that specifies how a claim is mapped to the relevant versions and sections of the relevant cellular standard(s). It allows interested parties to understand how the Wilus cellular portfolio is implemented by products making use of the cited standard(s).   

Both documents are updated from time to time as new patents are granted or evaluated. 

Licence Terms

The licence offered by Sisvel does not cover intermediate products or network equipment such as, without limitation, ASICs, chipset, base station and eNodeB. The royalty rate per licensed product of the Wilus cellular portfolio is USD 0.09. The complete terms and conditions of a running royalty offering can be found under the following link

Sisvel is available to discuss the specific circumstances of licensees that wish to license relevant products under lump sum terms. 

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