At Sisvel we take pride in knowing our work has a positive impact on the innovation ecosystem.

Sisvel is driven by a belief in the importance of collaboration, ingenuity and efficiency to bridge the needs of both patent owners and those who wish to access their technologies.

Through our licensing programmes, we create incentives for R&D, leading to a self-sustaining cycle that helps to fund further innovation and ultimately benefit the society as a whole.

Sisvel's mission

Power innovation

Power innovation and protect intellectual property rights.

Facilitate access to technologies

Facilitate access to innovative and patented technologies.

Value of innovation

Support the market in understanding the value of innovation.

Support a healthy ecosystem

Promote a level playing field and a healthy ecosystem for innovation and IP.

Innovative technical solutions

Produce innovative technical solutions that lead to new patents and commercially viable technologies.

A global organisation

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Life at Sisvel

Mattia Fogliacco
Everyone in Sisvel strongly believes in what we do. There’s this stimulating drive to think outside the box, go that extra mile and deliver a great service to our clients and partners day in day out.
Mattia Fogliacco - President, Sisvel Group
Manjola Prenga
I can reach out to any colleague anytime, not just to the ones in my own department. Everyone is easy to talk to and always happy to help.
Manjola Prenga - Senior Associate New Business
Ettore Giannuzzi
In my 10 years with Sisvel, I have worked and lived on three continents, learning very different business cultures. For me, contributing across multiple functions of the Sisvel Group is an immensely rewarding experience that provides continuous professional and personal growth.
Ettore Giannuzzi - Deputy Head of New Business
Vincent Angwenyi
At Sisvel you can enjoy the benefits of a relatively small size company, together with the positive sides of an international one, collaborating with cutting-edge companies and driving industry-defining deals, while being part of one big family.
Vincent Angwenyi - Senior IP Counsel for Advocacy & Policy
Sofia Massascusa
Working at Sisvel is such a rewarding experience. The scope of work extends globally so you interact with colleagues from around the world, enabling significant professional growth and cultural enrichment.
Sofia Massascusa - Senior Patent Engineer
Andrea Zoccali
For me, Sisvel is like a second family. There’s a supportive working culture, friendly colleagues and a business I’m really passionate about. No wonder I’ve been here for more than 15 years!
Andrea Zoccali - Head of Distribution
Victoria Martinez
At Sisvel, everyone is passionate - not just about their jobs, but about the company as a whole. It’s great to feel the strong sense of pride all employees share here.
Victoria Martinez - HR Manager

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