About MPEG Audio

Sisvel and its subsidiary Audio MPEG managed the MPEG Audio licensing programme.

The MPEG Audio patents owned by Sisvel formed the backbone of the MPEG Audio standard, which is essential to the existence of MP3 players, regardless of whether they are standalone or incorporated in other products, such as cellular telephones, computers, home theatres, multimedia players, sound systems, car stereos, digital cameras, navigation systems, digital photo frames or DVD players.

The MPEG Audio technology is also crucial to the operation of many other consumer electronics devices including, but not limited to, set-top boxes, digital TV cards, digital TV sets, sound and boards for computers.

The MPEG Audio patents licensed by Sisvel and Audio MPEG were owned by Koninklijke Philips N.V., U.S. Philips Corporation, TDF SAS, IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH) and BRW (Bayerische Rundfunkwerbung GmbH).

The Audio MPEG licensing programme is no longer active, but Sisvel currently operates several patent pools and joint licensing programmes in the field of Audio & Video Coding/Decoding technologies.

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