Sisvel is driven by a belief in the importance of collaboration, ingenuity and efficiency to bridge the needs of both patent owners and those who wish to access their technologies. In a complex and constantly evolving marketplace, our guiding principle is to create a level playing field with the development and implementation of flexible, accessible, commercialisation solutions. 

We power innovation by providing tailored licensing solutions and patent pools for the delivery of world-class technologies. We work with leading companies and research institutions from across the globe to unlock the full potential of their patents, while easing technology adoption, reducing frictions within the innovation ecosystem and facilitating IP dealmaking.



Sisvel now established as a major global innovation engine, with 15 patent licensing programmes and pools, covering 5 technology areas, 600+ licensees and 100+ licensors


Sisvel celebrates 40 years in powering innovation and promoting a level playing field


Sisvel signs licensing agreements with major Asian players, including OPPO, Samsung, Xiaomi & ZTE


DVB-T2 programme reaches 100% coverage of patents declared essential, becoming the only such programme in history to achieve this


Final victory for Sisvel before the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) in the Sisvel vs Haier dispute. This is a landmark decision in shaping the SEP litigation ecosystem


A landmark agreement between Sisvel and RPX sees a patent aggregator and a licensee aggregator come together for the first time to work on highly-efficient transactions that benefit the entire market


Sisvel’s MPEG Audio licensing programme reaches 1 BN USD royalties, getting to 1.45 BN USD by the time the programme comes to an end


Sisvel Tech, the technical branch of Sisvel, is founded to support licensing activities and to work on innovation and IP development projects


Launch of Sisvel’s first patent pool: MPEG Audio programme


Sisvel grows from being an Italian firm to becoming an international company, headquartered in Luxembourg


Sisvel’s foundation

The Sisvel difference

40 years’ experience

building fair, global licensing programmes that deliver

In-house team of engineers

with extensive technical and practical expertise

Market shaping litigation success

positive track record in Europe, Asia and United States with landmark decisions on Standard Essential Patents

Commitment to proactive IP policy advocacy

important legal and policy developments in the field of Standard Essential Patents

A global organisation

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