The Sisvel Group manages patents owned by third parties, patents stemming from the R&D activity of Sisvel and patents acquired by the Group. Our business model is based on working with only high quality patents, key to ensure the success of the licensing programs that Sisvel develops (patent pools, joint licensing programs and other form of IP aggregations).

Sisvel ensures the success of the licensing programs by:

A simplified and transparent process of aggregation
Continued engagement of technical and IP experts in the relevant technological area both in the formation as well as in the implementation of the licensing programs
A non-discriminatory licensing approach
Tailored enforcement and compliance mechanisms
A license scheme with terms that reflects the technological value of the patent portfolio
Administrative tools that enhance efficiency and make the reporting and payment process easier
Attractive business model to both large and small licensors to reach a critical mass of participation and patent coverage

Sisvel is committed to treating all companies fairly and as equals by licensing standard-essential patents on FRAND terms and conditions.
The Sisvel Group is a privately owned company that has no shareholders active in any businesses related to its licensing activities. The independence of the administrator (including the administrator’s controlling shareholders) helps:

Avoid conflicts of interest
Protecting sensitive business information
Safeguard patent pools and joint licensing programs from potential antitrust risks

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Innovation and technology are fundamental drivers of the world economy and intellectual property is a vital tool to protect and foster this ecosystem. By supporting innovation, we create incentives for R&D, providing firms with a new revenue stream for further economic development.

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