Technology and innovation are fundamental drivers of the world economy. New technologies are constantly transforming all aspects of our society and improving our lives on a daily basis.

Innovation benefits from and requires multiple actors and resources. Sisvel believes that managing intellectual property means supporting innovation. This can only be done successfully starting from a deep understanding of the technology and the markets. Through IP licensing, Sisvel creates incentives for R&D, fostering a self-sustaining cycle that, if not fully, at least partially can fund R&D activities.

In a nutshell, Sisvel’s mission is to:

Foster innovation and protect intellectual property rights
Facilitate access to innovative and patented technologies
Support the market in understanding the value of innovation
Promote a level playing field and a healthy ecosystem for innovation and IP
Produce innovative technical solutions that lead to new patents and commercially viable technologies

The inventive loop

Sisvel Inventive Loop
Sisvel Inventive Loop

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Innovation and technology are fundamental drivers of the world economy and intellectual property is a vital tool to protect and foster this ecosystem. By supporting innovation, we create incentives for R&D, providing firms with a new revenue stream for further economic development.

Protecting ideas means support for the growth of your business. Let’s work this out together.

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