Sisvel supports a vibrant innovation ecosystem that can continuously increase the pace of technological progress. Sisvel has always firmly believed that licensing operations need to be backed by a strong technical understanding. Sisvel Technology was born out of this belief and it is today one of the Group’s core assets. To further support this belief, the Group has been investing to deepen its technological footprint through strong technical partnerships such as ours with Wilus.
Wilus Inc. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”
Wilus is a R&D company, based in South Korea, that conducts research work aiming at developing next generation standards in the wireless and multimedia fields. Sisvel and Wilus have been closely collaborating on several projects and technology areas since 2019. Wilus’ technical expertise is outstanding and contributing to the development of new standards: its magnitude is on par with much larger innovative organisations than Wilus. Sisvel has realised the extraordinary quality of the Wilus patent portfolios and pledges to support the continued contribution to the innovation ecosystem of such a valuable and sophisticated partner.
Sisvel - Special partnerships
For over a decade, Wilus has been a key contributor to the development of global ICT standards for next generations of wireless and multimedia services, and has more than 30 engineers and experts holding advanced degrees (Ph.D./M.S.) with unparalleled expertise in wireless connectivity and all relevant standards technologies. Jin Sam Kwak, CEO of Wilus, said: “Since our founding in 2012, we have constantly developed advanced standards technologies for enabling and enhancing wireless connectivity and immersive multi-media services. To predict the future through our technical innovation, we are actively participating in the development of next generation standards such as 3GPP, IEEE 802.11, and MPEG. We are striving to contribute technically to the evolution of ICT standards with our own innovation.”
Sisvel - Special partnerships
The partnership with Wilus is a further confirmation of Sisvel’s commitment to its mission: reward innovation and protect patented ideas, contributing to create technologies and bring value to the industry.

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