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Sisvel announces First Licensees of AV1/VP9 Patent Pools

Sisvel announces First Licensees of AV1/VP9 Patent Pools

On May 27, 2020, Sisvel announced that Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Spain-based Tremmen Tecnologica S.L. have entered into patent licensing agreements for Sisvel’s VP9 and AV1 Licensing Programs. The companies are the first two licensees of the pools, where were announced in March 2019 with the patent lists published in March 2020.

The VP9 program includes twelve patent owners and the AV1 program has fourteen. The initial lists of patents included more than 650 for VP9 and over 1,050 for AV1. Once the evaluation process for the patents identified to-date is complete, Sisvel expects to reach a total portfolio offered for license of around 1000 patents for VP9 and nearly 2000 for AV1. The current lists of patents are available at this link.

More information on the patent pools is available at this link. You can view the press release by clicking here.

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