4th Annual Standards, Patents & Competition program

14 15 Nov 2022
Ashburn (Virginia)

Ashburn (Virginia), 14-15 November 2022 - Join us on November 14-15, 2022 for the Fourth Annual Standards, Patents & Competition program — a part of the IPWatchdog Masters™ series. An high-level and interactive program led by top thought leaders in the industry which will cover what is happening in the Standard Essential Patents industry today.

Nick Dudziak, President at Sisvel US, together with other distinguished speakers will attend on November 14 at 5.15 pm. ET  the panel "Patent Pools and Standard Essential Patent Licensing" to explore the role of patent pools and portfolio licensing for SEPs.

With staggering commercialization opportunities due to demonstrated technological advancement come patents - a lot of patents – and a great many of those will be standard essential patents (SEPs). Of course, when there are a lot of patents together with seemingly limitless market potential, litigation abounds. Ultimately, however, SEP patent holders and standard implementers must cooperate, not only because they both need each other to achieve full implementation but also because the implementer today will be the innovator tomorrow, and vice versa.

Offering a one-stop shop to implementers for patents essential to the same standard, but owned by different parties, patent pools will have a critical role to avoid friction, foster technology growth and stay out of court. Implementers have the comfort of a transparent technology adoption cost and an asymmetry and discrimination free market. Patent pools reduce dramatically the transaction costs, leading to a market for technologies with substantially less friction.

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