Sisvel Gold Sponsor at IPBC Asia 2023

28 30 Nov 2023

Tokyo, 28-30 November 2023

Sisvel is pleased to support the 9th edition of IPBC Asia, the region's foremost gathering of senior thought-leaders and decision makers operating in the IP market.

Corporate executives, deal makers, investors, policy experts and legal professionals will come together in Tokyo to share insights, discuss new trends, and build their networks.

On November 29, Mattia Fogliacco, President at Sisvel, will moderate the panel discussion titled "Patent Pools: A New Beginning?". The panel will feature distinguished speakers, including:

  • Jane Bu, Senior Director of Global Licensing, Via Licensing Alliance

  • Craig Burnett, Director, Patent Licensing, Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

  • Laurie Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President, Avanci

  • Toshi Futamata, Visiting Senior Researcher, The University of Tokyo

  • Joo Sup Kim, Research and Development Lab, Adviser, LX Semicon

During the discussion, speakers will explore the growing appeal of patent pools in the face of advancing interconnected technologies worldwide. They will delve into how patent pools are emerging as an increasingly favorable option, offering the potential to streamline negotiation and litigation processes, thereby reducing both time and expenses.

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