IP and Emerging Technology Europe

19 Apr 2023

London, 19 April 2023 - A new generation of technologies is transforming the patent strategy landscape and creating new challenges for IP teams. 

The rise of AI is changing the way high-tech innovations are protected, posing new questions about inventorship and patentability, and increasing the value of data as an intangible asset. Meanwhile, convergence between industry sectors is producing new patterns of, and opportunities for, IP dealmaking.

Sisvel is pleased to support IAM Live: IP and Emerging Technology Europe 2023 and discuss how best to protect innovation and achieve its value in an age of high-tech revolution and technology convergence.

Mattia Fogliacco, President at Sisvel, will moderate the following panels:

What 5G and 6G mean for the future of SEP licensing approachesEach new connectivity standard brings new patent licensing challenges. This panel explores the fast-moving 5G patent space and asks how innovators can prepare for the revolutionary 6G era.

  • 5G patents: how the landscape is evolving

  • How 6G will transform SEP strategies

  • Preparing for licensing disputes and the potential for litigation

The patent pool resurgence?Several new patent pools have been launched in recent years, however joint licensing programmes have sometimes failed to attract key patent owners. What is the future of patent pools and what role will they play in the next generation of technologies?

  • Getting the right people in the room for productive negotiations

  • Which technologies are most appropriate for joint licensing programmes?

  • How to achieve success with your licensing pool

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