Powering innovation in the IoT market: The view from Huawei and Sisvel - NEW DATE

Patent pools have emerged as an important way to simplify access to complex markets. Nowhere is this more the case than with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Recently, Huawei joined Sisvel's groundbreaking Cellular IoT patent pool, which now offers a one-stop shop of high-quality cellular IoT SEPs from more than 25 world class innovators.

Late last month, the company's Head of IP Alan Fan and Sisvel President Mattia Fogliacco sat down with former IAM editor-in-chief Joff Wild to explain why Huawei decided to sign up and what it is hoping to achieve by doing so. In a fascinating conversation, broader issues such as the importance of pricing flexibility and the broader regulatory environment, were also discussed.

The streaming of this conversation was originally planned for 2nd November, but technical issues meant it was impossibile to broadcast it as scheduled. As a result, it will now take place on 9th November at 1.00 pm UTC.

If you haven't registered yet, you still have time to do so by visiting the registration page linked below.


Additionally, the webinar will be available on demand to registrants after its broadcast.

Opportunities to hear two IP industry leaders sharing their views and experiences so freely are few and far between. We are confident you will get a great deal of value from what Alan and Mattia have to say.

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