Powering innovation in the IoT market - The view from Huawei and Sisvel

2 Nov 2023

After playing a pivotal role as a founding member of Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 patent pool, Huawei recently joined Sisvel Cellular-IoT (C-IOT) pool. This offers SEPs reading on LTE-M and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology.

As a major contributor to the development of cellular IoT technology, Huawei’s participation enriches the programme’s extensive collection of patents, which already numbered contributions from more than 25 renowned innovators. It is just the most recent in a string of moves that Huawei has made to open up its patent portfolio to third party users and once again demonstrates the company’s commitment to FRAND licensing.

Sisvel offers commercial solutions which present transactional efficiencies that work for innovators and implementers alike. As Europe’s biggest and oldest patent pool operator, the firm is committed to powering innovation by developing programmes that ensure patent owners are fairly rewarded for their innovations, while also facilitating technology adoption.

In the webinar, Alan Fan, Huawei’s Head of IP, and Sisvel ‘s President Mattia Fogliacco will discuss a number of topics relating to the IoT licensing landscape with former IAM editor-in-chief Joff Wild. These will include:

  • Why Cellular IoT matters

  • Why Huawei joined the Sisvel C-IoT pool

  • The Sisvel C-IoT pool as a one-stop shop for licensees

  • The decision to rework the pool’s royalty rates and product definitions to encourage wider licensee participation

  • The Huawei approach to IoT patent licensing, including bilateral agreements

  • What makes pools an attractive IoT licensing option for both licensors and licensees

  • What to look for in a high-quality pool

Join us as we delve into the world of cellular IoT, open standards, and patent pools, exploring how these initiatives are driving innovation and shaping the IoT landscape.


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