IoT and SEP: licensing for Internet of Things

23 Mar 2023

IoT: SEP licensing is in very early stages

Online, 23 March 2023 - The past years have shown that the wide use of connectivity technologies has become crucial across many industries. NB-IoT (NarrowBand IoT) and Long-Term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M) are a low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) technologies specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. With low power consumption and wide coverage, both technologies have the potential to transform the IoT landscape by enabling billions of connected devices to be deployed in a cost-effective and scalable manner. First use cases include Smart Metering, Asset Tracking, Agricultural Monitoring, Health Monitoring, Industrial Automation and many more.

What is the relationship between NB-IoT and LTE-M low-power, wide-area network and SEP licenses?
Both NB-IoT and LTE-M are subject to thousands of so-called standard essential patents (SEPs) and the use of the standardized technologies will require implementers to sign license agreements with SEP holders and patent pools. While the licensing of SEPs is well known in the smartphone industry and has started to pick up in the auto industry, SEP licensing for IoT is in very early stages. 

With the recent launch of its Cellular IoT (C-IoT) Patent Pool, Sisvel is pleased to take part to IPlytics Virtual Panel which will bring together implementers, patent holders, and pool administrators that have realized first SEP licensing deals in the IoT space. 

Among the topics discussed:

  • State of play – IoT markets today and where they are heading.

  • Different IoT verticals and the current market focus.

  • Does the IoT licensing market require any new approaches or are usual licensing programs also working?

  • What is important to consider when designing a successful IoT licensing program, i.e. one that serves the interest of the entire ecosystem?

Webinar Panel Speakers:

  • Julia Dias, Senior IP Policy Counsel at Huawei

  • Kristian Saether, Product Director Celluar IoT at Nordic Semi

  • Patrik Hammarén, VP Head of IoT Licensing at Nokia

  • Sven Törringer, Director Senior Counsel Legal & Business at Sisvel

Moderator: Tim Pohlmann, CEO at IPlytics

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