Sisvel sponsor at the 2nd IP Forefront ICT Forum

11 13 Mar 2024
Shanghai, China

With the rapid advancement of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, SDN, artificial intelligence, and IoT, alongside the exponential growth in information consumption, the ICT industry's market scope continues to expand. This growth is intricately linked to the industry's reliance on talent and intellectual property.

Under this background, the 2nd IP Forefront ICT Forum 2024 is set to convene in Shanghai from March 11-13, themed around 'Practice and Exploration of SEP Governance in the ICT Field'. The forum aims to propel global ICT industry innovation, foster intellectual property rights development within the sector, and establish a dynamic platform for domestic and international ICT enterprises to exchange insights and expertise.

On March 11th, Roy Chen, Director Asia Market at Sisvel, will attend the pre-conference symposium on “Consideration on the Strategic Selection of the World's Major SEP Patent Pool and SEP Patent Pool Construction” that will focus on:

  • Comparison and differences of major SEP patent pool

  • Consideration and discussion on selection of patent pool

  • New opportunities and new markets

  • Different models and different methods

  • Patent pool construction

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