The SEP regulation proposal: results of the public consultation and institutional perspectives

29 Nov 2023
Capitolo (Badia Fiesolana) and online

Vincent Angwenyi, Senior IP Counsel at Sisvel, is delighted to participate in the upcoming event, "The SEP Regulation Proposal: Results of the Public Consultation and Institutional Perspectives," scheduled for November 29, 2023.

This event will feature an open policy discussion on the outcomes of the European Commission's public consultation regarding the proposed SEP regulation. Vincent will be part of the first panel, titled "Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? Industry Takeaways of the Public Consultation," moderated by Niccolò Galli from the EUI. The panel will include insights from esteemed speakers such as Peter Berg from Infineon, Hui Cao from Huawei, Agnieszka Kupzok from Nokia, and Kristian Sæther from Nordic Semiconductor.

The economic and geographic reach of the Regulation cannot be underestimated: the new rules would likely impact far beyond Europe on standardization, patenting, technology transfer, and litigation activities due to the global nature of markets for standardized technologies.

While awaiting the Parliament’s first reading position, the event sets the stage for a lively policy discussion, both on the results of the European Commission’s public consultation and the future of the key European institutions active in the SEP field.

Join institutional and industry stakeholders of ICT standardisation to discuss the consultation on the proposed standard-essential patents regulation.

For further details and registration, please visit the following link.

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