Patent dealmaking tops agenda at groundbreaking Sisvel event

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March 19, 2024

Start with a highly productive think tank discussion then follow up with an excellent dinner at the top of Barcelona’s tallest building and what you get is an evening to remember

Mobile World Congress is always hectic in Barcelona. Tens of thousands of people fly into the city from all corners of the globe. They find themselves immediately swept up in a whirlwind of product launches, new tech demos, business meetings, social events and much more besides. It’s a week when spare time is at a premium, if it exists at all.

That’s why we were so grateful that so many senior IP leaders took significant time out of their schedules on the Wednesday of the Congress – 26th February – to attend a special think tank and gala dinner hosted by Sisvel at the Torre Gloriés in Poble Nou, where the firm’s Barcelona office is also based.

Things kicked off at 5.00 pm with a discussion held under Chatham House rules. This saw 27 highly experienced and innovative patent dealmakers – working on the cutting edge at both SEP holder and implementer businesses – sitting around a long table at the centre of a specially lit space to exchange views on how to improve transaction efficiency.

Because the discussion was held behind closed doors, what was said in the room must stay there. However, it would not be breaking any confidences to say that while the conversation was forthright at times, it was never less than cordial.

Everyone was focused on exploring the best ways to overcome the sticking points that can get in the way of parties agreeing win-win deals in a timely manner. The big takeaway was that with good faith on all sides, successful transactions are well within reach. With the European Parliament having voted in favour of the SEP licensing regulation earlier on the same day, that message needs to be heard loud and clear going forward.

After concluding remarks from Sisvel President Mattia Fogliacco, the group was joined by more guests. Everyone enjoyed a glass or two of cava before catching the lift to the top of the 130-metre Gloriés tower. Once there, they enjoyed fabulous views over Barcelona as the late dusk gave way to the night and what seemed like a million lights illuminated the dark.

Along with the view came music, a fine dinner and further conversation. What a wonderful way to spend an evening.

It was an honour for Sisvel to host so many IP leaders at a time when their diaries were under such strain. A big thank-you to everyone who came along and who contributed so much. A very special thank-you, too, to Anaïs Gabriela Marcano Mata and Giulia Dini for organising everything so brilliantly.

We believe we are onto something with the think tank format and very much look forward to hosting another discussion of a similar nature sometime soon. Stay tuned for further details.

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