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The SEP Summit

28-29 September 2021

Join us at The SEP Summit where IAM and Global Competition Review will bring together SEP thought leaders from both sides of the equation to discuss the key issues they face in developing a framework for SEP licensing that not only works for both originators and implementers, but also from the competition law perspective. 

On September 28th at 3:35 pm (UTC),  Mattia Fogliacco, President at Sisvel, will attend the panel on “Navigating stormy waters: disputing FRAND” to discuss the implication of the major FRAND-related decision like Sisvel v Haier, FTC v Qualcomm, Ericsson v Samsung, and Unwired Planet, alternative approaches to FRAND dispute resolution like arbitration, and the state of play with anti-suit injunctions.  

For additional information about the conference, please visit the following link.

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