Blu and Sisvel settle dispute on cellular patents

Mobile communications
September 27, 2021

Luxembourg, September 27, 2021 - Shortly after the news of its settlement with ZTE, today Sisvel announced that they have also entered into a settlement agreement with BLU. This settlement marks the end of the dispute between the two companies before the courts of the Southern District of Florida, US, where Sisvel claimed BLU infringed patents by implementing 3G and 4G standard technology in their products.

The cellular patent portfolio of Sisvel includes over 80 patent families (comprising over 1,000 individual patents) deemed essential to the cellular standards. The cellular patents that Sisvel owns, originate from smartphone manufacturers LGE, Blackberry (formerly Research In Motion), Nokia, the French telecom operator Orange and the Chinese R&D institute Langbo. Sisvel offers licenses to these patents as part of its Mobile Communication Program, a licensing platform that licenses cellular (2G, 3G, 4G) standard essential patents, which are owned by a variety of companies, including Airbus DS, KPN, Mitsubishi Electric, Orange, Wilus, Sisvel and 3G Licensing.

“We sincerely believe there must be reasonable solutions available in disputes concerning standard essential patents. By now, we see the vast majority of the industry licensed under our patents and we are convinced that all rational actors who remain unlicensed will take a license promptly” said David Muus, Program Manager of Sisvel’s Mobile Communication Program, continuing: “We were excited to see that BLU showed its sincere willingness to resolve our differences through this settlement. If there is true willingness, Sisvel will always be committed to build bridges.”

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