JURI MEPs’ vote moves the EU closer to a major act of self-harm

January 24, 2024

Luxembourg, 24th January 2024 - Today’s decision by the MEPs who make up JURI, the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee, to approve the text of the proposed Standards Essential Patent (SEP) licensing regulation is a worrying development.

It is a step towards the transfer of global technology connectivity leadership from Europe to the rest of the world, and of licensing royalty payment obligations for the use of SEPs from deep pocket, non-European Big Tech companies to low resource SMEs based in the EU.

Should the full European Parliament and the Council of Ministers agree with the JURI Committee, the huge sums that highly innovative EU-based companies now spend on developing foundational global connectivity technology will be at risk, along with the European jobs that this R&D supports.

What’s more, the entire standardisation process, in which Europe plays such a pivotal role, will come into question. The impact on device interoperability and on the development of exciting new industry sectors in Europe, such as the IoT, would be devastating.

“In an election year especially, it is puzzling that the JURI MEPs have chosen to favour the interests of non-European Big Tech companies – ones that European policy makers frequently accuse of avoiding paying their fair share of tax in Europe - while creating additional costs for companies based in and committed to the EU,” says Sisvel President Mattia Fogliacco.

“We urge all MEPs to think very carefully before going any further with this damaging legislation,” Fogliacco continues. “Sacrificing European technology leadership and security, imposing extra financial burdens on world class European businesses and putting many well-paid European jobs in peril is not something that should be done lightly.”

Sisvel stands ready to work with MEPs to find equitable ways to boost European innovation and SMEs, while enhancing Europe's global leadership in connectivity technology and standardisation.

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More on Sisvel’s position on the SEP licensing regulation can be found here: Sisvel | Proposed EU regulation puts European SMEs and tech leadership at risk

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