Panasonic joins Sisvel's Wi-Fi 6 patent pool as a patent owner

September 22, 2022

Luxembourg, September 22, 2022 - Sisvel International S.A. (“Sisvel”) today announced that Panasonic Holdings Corporation ("Panasonic”) joined its patent pool on Wi-Fi 6 technology, adding another renowned innovator to the group which already includes Huawei, Mediatek, Philips, SK Telecom and Wilus. Panasonic also joins Huawei and Philips as a licensee of the pool.

Sisvel’s Wi-Fi Program Manager, Andrea Rombolà comments: “We are proud to officially welcome Panasonic as a member of this pool, which not only proves its value, but also shows how a solution that guarantees frictionless licensing in this space is welcomed by the ecosystem. We trust that this strong endorsement coming from the market will help the pool to grow quickly.”

Sisvel is making the valuable portfolios included in the pool accessible on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms and conditions, by offering a royalty-bearing, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-exclusive license, with no right to grant sublicenses, under the participating patent owners’ patent portfolios essential to the 802.11ax specification.

Further information about the terms and conditions of this license offer is available on Sisvel’s website.
For more details you may contact Sisvel at the following e-mail address

About Sisvel
Sisvel International S.A. is the holding company of the Sisvel Group. Sisvel is a world leader in fostering innovation and managing IP. The group identifies, evaluates and maximises the value of IP assets for its partners around the world, providing firms with a revenue stream which can be reinvested in innovation for the generation of future revenues. Sisvel has more than 35 years’ experience in the management of successful patent portfolios, including those relating to audio compression standards (MP3 and MPEG audio), as well as broadcasting and digital terrestrial television standards maintained by the Digital Video Broadcasting Project. Sisvel operates patent pools and joint licensing programmes in the fields of mobile communication, wireless local area networking 802.11, video coding, digital video broadcasting, recommendation engines and broadband access to data networks.

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