Sisvel announces the launch of the new DVB-SIS patent pool and the appointment received as custodian of the DVB-CSA algorithms

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March 23, 2020

None Torinese, March 23, 2020

Sisvel confirms its expertise in the digital video technology’s IP management by announcing today a new patent pool related to patents essential to the DVB-SIS standard and the appointment received as custodian of the DVB-CSA2 and DVB-CSA3 Algorithms.

“These new programs are a sign of the continued and renewed trust in Sisvel showed by the patent owners of this technology domain, as well as from the DVB Project itself” says Davide Ferri, CEO of Sisvel Spa and Sisvel Technology. “Sisvel has been successfully managing licensing programs in the digital video broadcasting field since 2008, achieving remarkable results for both licensors and licensees.”

Patent pools are efficient tools for the entire innovation ecosystems. They enable potential implementors to sign one agreement, licensing multiple patent portfolios, in one transaction, at a reasonable and transparent cost, while rewording and incentivising innovators which made technology developments possible.

DVB-SIS allows for terrestrial retransmission of signals addressing DTH satellite receivers program. The program has been launched with a portfolio of essential patents owned or controlled by ENENSYS Technologies SA, Nevion A.S., TDF. Further information about the terms and conditions of Sisvel’s DVB-SIS licenses are available at:

The joint DVB-SIS licensing program remains open to additional patent owners. Sisvel invites all parties with patents believed to be essential to the DVB-SIS standard to contact us and submit those patent(s) for an evaluation of essentiality by the program’s designated, independent evaluator.

The DVB-CSA2 and DVB-CSA3 licensing programs were previously managed by ETSI, now resumed under Sisvel’s management with the support of the following right owners: IRDETO, SYNAMEDIA, VIACCESS-ORCA and NAGRAVISION (for DVB-CSA3 only). More information on Sisvel’s DVB-CSA2 or DVB-CSA3 programs are available at the following link:

For additional technical information relating to the DVB-SIS and DVB-CSA standard, visit:

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