Sisvel and Samsung agree license for cellular patents

Mobile communications
September 2, 2021

September 2nd, 2021- Sisvel today announced that Sisvel and Samsung Electronics agreed on a license to patents that are considered to be essential to cellular standards. Samsung thereby joins the growing list of global handset manufacturers that resolved a license with Sisvel under their cellular essential patents.

The cellular patent portfolio of Sisvel offered under license includes over 80 patent families (comprising over a 1,000 individual patents) deemed essential to the cellular standards. The cellular patents licensed by Sisvel originate from smartphone manufacturers LGE, Blackberry (formerly Research In Motion), Nokia, the French telecom operator Orange, the South Korean R&D institute Wilus and the Chinese R&D institute Langbo. These companies all participated in the innovative work that contributed to the creation of the telecommunication standards that are used all around the world.

“We are happy to see this deal close with Samsung, which is a leading example in the cellular industry for innovation, products and respect for intellectual property.” said David Muus, Program Manager of Sisvel’s Mobile Communication Program. He continues: “We are always impressed with the professional and pragmatic attitude of the Samsung team, building a lasting and meaningful relationship, which open the doors to business opportunities, instead of disputes.”

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