Sisvel says No to the SEP licensing regulation

February 26, 2024

Luxembourg, 26th February - This Wednesday, MEPs will vote on whether to approve the SEP licensing regulation. Over the course of recent weeks, Sisvel has worked hard to persuade them that they should reject the legislation. It is our belief that, if enacted, the proposals will: 

  1. Lead to a significant wealth transfer from cash poor European SMEs to deep pocket Big Tech companies. 

  2. Put European leadership in connectivity and mobility standards technology at significant risk, endangering European security interests. 

  3. Reduce the incentives for businesses and research organisations to participate in standards setting, so imperilling future device interoperability and harming end users. 

  4. Put countless well-paid, highly skilled European R&D jobs at risk.  

We believe the legislation is poorly conceived and that it has been unnecessarily rushed.

We are deeply disappointed that, like so many other entities, the European Commission did so little to engage with us as it was drafting the legislation and after it was presented to MEPs.  We note the high number of deeply experienced and highly knowledgeable individuals, businesses and other organisations that have drawn attention to the major flaws in the proposals. We observe that the Commission’s own research has found no empirical evidence that change is required. 

We have made our arguments in articles that you can see here, here and here. We have also produced a series of infographics detailing our concerns which you can see reproduced with this bulletin.

SEP Proposal ALL3

These have been sent to every MEP. In addition, we have been busy lobbying in Brussels on a bilateral basis and through IP Europe.  

Whatever the result of the vote on Wednesday, we will continue to press the case for patent pools as a motor for transparent, efficient and equitable licensing. Only a few years ago, the European Union shared our belief. We hope that one day soon it will do so again. 

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