Vivo signs 2G/3G/4G standard essential patent portfolio license with Sisvel

Mobile communications
April 11, 2022

Luxembourg, April 11, 2022 - Today Vivo and Sisvel announced that they signed a portfolio license agreement for 2G, 3G and 4G standard essential patents.

The patent portfolio licensed under this deal includes over 125 patent families (comprising over 1,800 individual patents) deemed essential to the cellular standards. The patents licensed by Sisvel are owned by Mitsubishi Electric, Wilus and Sisvel, with the Sisvel-owned patent portfolios originating from LGE, Blackberry (formerly Research In Motion), Nokia, Orange, and Langbo. These companies all contributed to the creation of the 3G and 4G telecommunication standards that have fuelled global development over the last two decades.

Jin Sam Kwak, CEO of Wilus Inc. (“Wilus”) said: “We are proud to contribute to the success of this agreement through the value of our innovations being captured in the licensed patents to Vivo.” He continued: “Wilus is built around a strong belief in the value of innovation and the collaborative efforts needed to create the standards of the future; our contributions to which is reflected in the extraordinary success of the resulting technology. A deal with a major implementor and innovator such as Vivo rewards that belief and allows us to work in confidence on the next generation of innovation.”

“We came to this deal in a truly collaborative effort between Sisvel, Mitsubishi Electric, Wilus and Vivo, which is a testament to the parties’ capacity to build bridges. The Vivo team’s straightforward approach made working with Vivo a pleasure” said David Muus, Sisvel’s Mobile Communication Program manager. He continues: " With this agreement we now closed deals with companies that represent the overwhelming majority of the handset market around the globe.”

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