Sisvel believes that the use of intellectual property as a means of generating economical return from R&D investments is one of the foremost challenges facing many businesses.

Licensing landscape is continuously evolving: policymaking, jurisprudence, technologies, taxation rules and markets are constantly developing. A licensing model that was successful in one field or in one era may not always be the successful in the future. With its significant worldwide presence, long-standing experience in the IP field and diversity of technical expertise, Sisvel is able to respond efficiently to the different challenges that arise in the formation and management of a licensing program or to changes in the landscape.

Sisvel works with its partners offering a comprehensive approach to patent licensing: from issuing initial calls for essential patents; facilitating discussions among stakeholders; developing multiparty license agreements; executing and administering licenses; to collecting and distributing royalties.

At the same time, Sisvel actively promotes a culture of respect and understanding of the IP and innovation ecosystem through, for example, its regular presence at the key consumer electronics trade fairs and IP events, participation in policy discussions and conferences, as well as open dialogues with a number of government bodies, standard setting organizations and industry associations.

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Innovation and technology are fundamental drivers of the world economy and intellectual property is a vital tool to protect and foster this ecosystem. By supporting innovation, we create incentives for R&D, providing firms with a new revenue stream for further economic development.

Protecting ideas means support for the growth of your business. Let’s work this out together.

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