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Sisvel and CESI work together for the success of Chinese standards

Turin (Italy), May 29, 2008

Sisvel today announced that it entered into an agreement with CESI to promote the cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies on Intellectual Property Righ


Sisvel becomes a member of ETSI

Turin (Italy), April 21, 2008

Sisvel has been accepted as a full member at the 51st ETSI General Assembly.


Patent holders reach agreement on royalty rates for DVB-H

Brussels (Belgium), March 31, 2008

Sisvel is pleased to announce that the establishment of a joint licensing program for DVB-H essential patents is well under way among Orange (formerly Fra


Sisvel grants ROBERT BOSCH GmbH an MPEG Audio Patent License

Turin (Italy) and Alexandria, VA (USA) – November 16, 2007

Sisvel S.p.A, and its U.S. subsidiary Audio MPEG Inc., have granted to Robert Bosch GmbH a standard license under the MP3 and MPEG


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