Sisvel signs an agreement under the VP9 patents with Panasonic corporation

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December 31, 2021

Luxembourg, December 23, 2021 - Sisvel International S.A. (“Sisvel”) announced today that it has signed a worldwide patent license agreement with Panasonic Corporation (“Panasonic”) for Sisvel’s VP9 Licensing Program covering the sale and distribution of Panasonic’s VP9 enabled products.

“Sisvel has a longstanding partnership with Panasonic. The Company is already a licensee of other Sisvel licensing programs in different technological fields and we are very pleased that Panasonic has now concluded an agreement that reflects the value of the VP9 portfolio, acknowledging once more the fairness and the reliability of the programs managed by Sisvel” said Valentina Piola, Program Manager of Sisvel’s VP9 Licensing Program. She continues “Sisvel’s VP9 licensing program aims to facilitate the licensing of this video codec technology to ensure a level playing field on the market. We hope that other implementers will soon follow Panasonic's example”.

Further details on the terms and conditions of Sisvel’s VP9 Licensing Platform are available at:

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Background information on the history of video codecs and why it is important to sustain innovation is available at:

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